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We have answered some of the most common questions about our work. If you do not find the answer to a specific question or need more information, please get in contact with us!

Q: How much does paintless dent removals and minor collision repairs cost?

A: The cost of a repair depends on the size, depth and location of the damage. We give FREE ESTIMATES and will be happy to take a look at your vehicle to give you an accurate cost.

Q: What size dent or ding can be removed?

A: Generally, most dents, dings, or creases can be removed. It is better to bring your vehicle on by so we can take a look at it.

Q: When can I come in?

A: You can come in during our business hours which are Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm or you can call us at (956) 781-7177 so we can set up an appointment with you.

Q: How long do most repairs take?

A: Repairs are usually completed in one day, and some repairs can be finished with an hour. Repairs that involve paint refinishing typically take a few days. Contact us for a more accurate repair appraisal and time estimate.

Q: Does Jaz Dent work with my insurance company?

A: Yes! Jaz Dent works with any insurance company!

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